About Us

Pomp and Revel is made up of 3 generations of party loving girls.  Our story begins with the Mother-Daughter team, Mary Jo and Danielle, who together created a magical store in Seattle called Curtsy Bella. They ran it for 7 fun and glitter filled years, until the Army transferred Danielle's husband out of the state. Several more military transfers and the appearance of Danielle's daughter, Stella, gave them the inspiration to work together again, this time from an online storefront, and Pomp & Revel was born. 

Danielle is our graphic artist and designer of all things Pomp & Revel.  Mary Jo is the business/details person and Stella is the inspiration behind it all.  Everything is designed, created, beautifully packaged and shipped from our studio in the Pacific Northwest.

 We design items to celebrate life's milestones.  The birth of a baby, a wedding, a new home, a birthday, a new job or just something special to give for no reason at all.  Most of our items are customizable and if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, feel free to contact us at info@pompandrevel.com.